Prelude I: The Great Infestation

by Wonderland Syndrome

Released 2013
Released 2013
Intense, heavy, experimental metal with a taste for the avant-garde. A concept album documenting outside observation of the human race.
Prelude I: The Great Infestation is part one of the three album "Prelude" project. The three album concept sets up our story, leading up to the epic Space Pirates (part 4). The Great Infestation is a scientific diary of sorts, documenting our observations of the human race, as outsiders.

Todd Cakus - Vocals, Samples
Morgan McWhorter - Guitar, Piano
Anthony Davis - Bass, Baritone Guitar, Guitar
Daniel Rodrigues - Drums, Keyboards & Synthesizers

All songs written and performed by Wonderland Syndrome. Samples have been altered and are protected under fair use for artistic purposes. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Daniel Rodrigues & Anthony Davis at Space Pirate Studios in Oakland, California. Produced by Anthony Davis & Daniel Rodrigues.

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